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Tom Ford Feels Less Sexy Now That He’s a Sober Dad

Tom Ford.
Tom Ford. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

We already knew that Tom Ford has changed a lot since his son, Jack, came into his life two-and-a-half years ago. But apparently, the designer who once said things like “I like everybody with a touch of dirty” is feeling markedly less rakish these days. Ford tells Mr Porter’s the Journal that since he became a father and quit drinking, he feels less and less like his sexy self. “Actually, there’s a scientific reason for that,” he says. “I read that men who are the primary caregivers of children have lower testosterone levels. It drops, according to some reports, because nature wants the man to stay with the children and not let them wander off … Now I don’t know if my testosterone levels have dropped or not, I haven’t had them tested, but I feel less sexy, definitely. ”

In his Gucci years, he says he was a “high-functioning alcoholic,” and has since gotten sober. “I suppose stopping drinking made me feel less sexy, too,” he says. “I think that being drunk all the time used to fuel, and I don’t mean my sex drive, but my … you know, I did a lot of things with Terry Richardson, that I wouldn’t have otherwise done.” Could he be referring to this photo shoot, by any chance?

Sober Dad Tom Ford Feels Less Sexy These Days