The Start-up Helping You Cash In on Designer Bags

Trying to sell designer handbags often ends up like something out of Broad City, with shame and store credit at a Beacon’s Closet. Or, worse, waiting for an e-Bay shopper to take your bait. That’s why Rebagg, a start-up founded last year, wants to streamline the process of selling gently used designer bags. Inspired by the simplicity of Rent the Runway (a site that rents out designer dresses and jewelry), founders Charles Gorra and Erwan Delacroix created Rebagg to offer people more competitive prices for their preowned designer bags and to save time by buying them directly.

Frequented by stylists, retail salespeople, and personal shoppers, Rebagg primarily sources luxury brands (find the full list here) like Balenciaga, Fendi, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. A quilted Chanel caviar shoulder bag, which normally retails around $5,000, fetches as much as $2,500 through the site. (For someone with a smaller budget, a $1,500 Mulberry leather satchel can be had for around $300.) Once sellers have uploaded images of their bags, the site evaluates them for authenticity and damage, issuing a price quote within one business day. Rebagg even handles the shipping fees and pays within two to three days of the sale. Consider it a win-win situation if you’re already in the mood for a Marie Kondo closet purge.

The Start-up Helping You Cash In on Bags