couples who larp together stay together

Stop Time-Traveling to Such Lame Eras, Losers

Photo: ABC/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, the world met a couple who loved the Victorian era so much they decided to live in it and now conduct their lives like they are actors in a living history museum. Today, the New York Post brings us a couple, Kitten Von Mew and Richard of Warwickshire, who are doing the same thing except with the 1940s.

So: One couple willingly chose to live in an era with corsets and giant bicycles. The other chose an era where bombs were falling and all the food was rationed. I get that some people want to use marriage as an excuse to LARP with a buddy for the rest of their lives, and I try not to judge people for their personal choices. But can’t you choose to spend your days time-traveling to a cooler time, not one that is dramatically worse than the present? I mean, just look at some of the perks of other years you could pretend to live in:

1970s New York: Cocaine, Studio 54, Donna Summer, sparkle, the thrill of maybe getting stabbed on a subway.

1692 Salem: Witchcraft, possible Satan worship, simple black dresses, and cool buckle shoes.

1995 Anywhere: Flannel, modern conveniences like microwaved burritos and Blockbuster, but no internet or Facebook. Men with goatees, pre–Pumpkin-Spice-Latte Starbucks.

The Stone Age as seen in The Flintstones: Pet dinos, giant racks of ribs, cars that also force you to exercise.

Satan? Or Victorian corsets? Remember, the choice is yours.

Stop Time-Traveling to Such Lame Eras, Losers