How to Get Noticed by Street-Style Photographers in 2015


Street style has changed significantly since its early days in 2007, and not just because so many stars have revamped their looks. The first wave of photographers like Scott Schuman have become so bored by it all they’ve resorted to photographing teacups or starting their own media empires. Original show ponies like Taylor Tomasi Hill have dropped out of the game to pursue other ventures, showing up occasionally for a quick appearance, leaving a new generation to fight it out every season. But nothing has changed more than what it takes to get noticed.

It used to be that you could follow a rough formula: Wear artfully clashed prints, carry a recognizable clutch, and splurge on a pair of fancy, straight-from-the-runway heels and you might get your picture taken. Sure, the editors might have supplemented their own wardrobes by borrowing a piece or two, but most of their clothes came from sample sales or credit cards.

But this is 2015, and what used to work no longer grabs anyone’s attention. We are in a full-on arms race! Head-to-toe runway looks are the new norm. Look at Yoyo Cao in Chanel at the Chanel show, or Anya Ziourova wearing a Jason Wu look a mere two weeks after it was shown at New York Fashion Week.

The distance from the runway to street style has never been shorter, which makes predicting what we’ll be seeing outside the shows during the upcoming Fashion Month a different game than it’s been in the past. Sure, there are individual pieces that will probably be favorites, but they won’t be styled out quite as flamboyantly. Most looks will probably represent the designer’s personal vision, not the wearer’s personal style.

Given the hot weather, and the fact that many of the seasonally appropriate fall looks have already been worn (i.e. Miroslava Duma in fall 2015 Louis Vuitton), don’t be surprised to see resort 2016 outfits from the likes of Dior or Louis Vuitton making an appearance. Perennially popular designers like Chloé and Rosie Assoulin will feature prominently, and considering that this is the year of Gucci, expect to see plenty of Alessandro Michele’s wacky, magpie pieces — both borrowed and bought.

All of this makes street style even more of an insider’s activity than it already was. But those who lack the designer connections to facilitate a loan can always buy their street-style bait. Moschino still reigns supreme, as does anything from Céline, especially the flashy rhinestone shoes from the fall show. For those who would rather go subtle, Australian designer Ellery and up-and-coming New York designer Sandy Liang are both photographer favorites.

Click ahead to get a preview of what will be all over the Golden Peacock awards for the next few weeks.

How to Get Noticed by Street-Style Photographers