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Horoscopes, tarot cards, quizzes in the back of women’s magazines that you take standing up at the drugstore — none of them can quite compare with the Myers-Briggs personality test. Based on the answers to a series of questions — about your relationships to other people, your way of looking at the world, your work habits — it categorizes you as one of 16 personality types and gives you a corresponding set of initials, like INTJ or ENFP. It’s been debunked repeatedly, but businesses still rely on it to decide who to hire, and people still love it — maybe because it’s weirdly fun.

This Fashion Week, we were inspired by the Myers-Briggs test to create our own style-personality quiz. Instead of personality extremes like introvert vs. extrovert, we picked style extremes like minimalist vs. maximalist. Are you the kind of adventurous person who changes your style weekly, or are you someone who prefers the consistency of a uniform? Do you like your clothing to be sweepingly romantic, or are you more of a fashion intellectual? Do you embrace trends, or do you follow your own individual path?

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Give us your answers to the quiz below, and we’ll give you one of 16 quasi-scientific style-personality acronyms, from MAIT (minimalist, adventurous, intellectual, trend enthusiast) to XCRI (maximalist, consistent, romantic, individualist). Then, based on your type, we’ll deliver personalized Fashion Week stories all week long.

The Cut Quiz:

What’s Your Style Personality?

Section 2 of 4:

Individualistic & Trend Enthusiast

  1. You RSVP to parties immediately, and book yourself months in advance.

  2. Whenever anyone gets a new designer accessory before you do, you wonder what contact they have that you don't.

  3. You absolutely judge a person by whom they know and what they wear.

  4. You are constantly reinventing your look, and always leave people guessing.

  5. You consult fashion magazines before making a major purchase.

  6. You always want whatever "It" bag or shoe is trending that season.

  7. People are always surprised by the clothing combinations you dream up.

  8. The worst thing someone could do to you would be to read your text and not reply to it.

  9. You dress for the life you want, not the life you have.

  10. Your sense of fashion isn't rooted in practicality — you'd wear five-inch heels to walk a marathon if you could.

  11. You always know how to compliment people in just the right way.

  12. You'd rather be avant-garde than follow a trend.

  13. You might not understand everyone's style, but you appreciate their individuality.

  14. You would never develop a signature style — you have too much fun mixing it up.

  15. Trends lasting longer than a season bore you.

  16. You're the first person to pick apart your appearance — even if everyone else says you look fine.

The Cut Quiz:

What’s Your Style Personality?

Section 3 of 4:

Adventurous & Consistent

  1. You are always, always, always shopping.

  2. You usually carry a clutch with the essentials, instead of a tote with your whole life inside.

  3. Your closet is color-coordinated and everything is neatly folded and hung.

  4. You plan every part of your outfit, down to a lipstick or nail-polish color.

  5. Your outfit style is either entirely crazy or totally subdued — there is no in-between.

  6. You love the idea of school uniforms.

  7. You can throw any pieces from your closet together, and know they'll look great.

  8. It takes you more than 30 minutes to get dressed in the morning.

  9. You constantly overpack for trips. You need your options!

  10. You've had the same general style for years, and don't see it changing.

  11. Your brain is always buzzing with new outfit ideas.

  12. Your clothing style could be described as "practical."

  13. You constantly shop above your budget — whoops.

The Cut Quiz:

What’s Your Style Personality?

Section 4 of 4:

Intelllectual & Romantic

  1. You routinely under- or overdress for an event because you're feeling your look.

  2. You have never stressed out about what to wear to an important event or meeting.

  3. Staying true to your style is more important than paying attention to a dress code.

  4. You are constantly justifying your new shoe purchase to someone who just doesn't get your taste.

  5. You never have buyer's remorse.

  6. You've been known to change outfits multiple times in one day.

  7. You would give people an honest opinion about their outfit, even if you hate it.

  8. You never worry about what strangers think about your outfit.

  9. You constantly click through sites, thinking about what you'd buy if only you had the money.

  10. You would rather your shoes be envy-inducing than comfortable.

  11. As long as you're the best-looking person in the room, you don't care what anyone else is wearing.

  12. Cleaning out your closet is hard because you love all your clothes equally.

  13. You believe in not wearing white after Labor Day, taking off one accessory before leaving the house, and other cardinal rules of fashion.

  14. You believe that retail therapy is a great way to relieve anyone's stress.

  15. You always know you look good.

  16. You'd consider yourself a uniform dresser.

  17. You always ask friends what they think about outfits.

  18. Tight clothes stress you out.

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