Vote for the Top Street-Style Star From Day 3


All throughout fashion month, the Cut will be ranking street-stylers on their outfits, ultimately bestowing a coveted Golden Peacock award on one winner for each city. Photographer YoungJun Koo will be shooting all of our contestants, and Cut contributor (and last year’s winner!) Shiona Turini is back to help narrow down our top five. We have our own winner of the day, but we can’t decide on the Golden Peacock champion without your help, so vote below for your favorite!

The skies were ominous yesterday, but that didn’t prevent the street-stylers from wearing outfits that were questionably suitable for inclement weather. Rachael Wang showed up in a lacy white dress that was partially see-through. She’s been dressing like a very chic cult member lately and it’s making us wonder: Is #cultcore the new #normcore? Also flouting the rain was Caroline Issa in a sunny yellow dress and peacock-blue suede boots (subliminal message maybe?). And Yasmin Sewell made her first reappearance after being pregnant all last September, choosing a long denim dress and Céline wedges. Who won day three? Click ahead to find out, and don’t forget to vote.

Golden Peacock Awards Vote for your favorite street style star

Current standings

Rebecca Laurey

Stripes and Sequin Girl

Yasmin Sewell

Rachael Wang

Caroline Issa

Vote for the Top Street-Style Star From Day 3