Vote for the Top Street-Style Star, Day 7


All throughout fashion month, the Cut will be ranking street-stylers on their outfits, ultimately bestowing a coveted Golden Peacock award on one winner for each city. Photographer YoungJun Koo will be shooting all of our contestants, and Cut contributor (and last year’s winner!) Shiona Turini is back to help narrow down our top five. We have our own winner of the day, but we can’t decide on the Golden Peacock champion without your help, so vote below for your favorite!

With just one more day left of New York Fashion Week, the Peacocks are starting to distance themselves from the well-dressed normals. Take for example Yasmin Sewell, who first popped up on day three in a denim overall dress. Obviously, jeans are far too casual for day seven, so naturally she had to find the most over-the-top turtleneck possible and pair it with gigantic earrings. Also keeping us guessing: Gilda Ambrosio. She skipped the burnout schoolgirl outfit in favor of a more refined, ladylike approach yesterday. And: Yesterday’s winner was a literal princess, so it takes real skill to steal her crown. Who pulled it off? Click to find out, and keep voting!

Golden Peacock Awards Vote for your favorite street style star

Current standings

Yasmin Sewell

Gilda Ambrosio

Pernille Teisbaek

Caroline Issa

Jayne Min

Vote for the Top Street-Style Star, Day 7