What Cocktails Can You Make With Unicorn Tears?

Drinks that will make you immortal.
Drinks that will make you immortal. Photo: Firebox

Calling all fantasy-beast scholars, adult Harry Potter fanatics, and hair-metal band members: Firebox, a British company, is marketing a silver-infused gin as “Unicorn Tears” — the only secretions of a mythical animal that will get you drunk.

Firebox has suggested a few cocktails to make with the gin, which contains notes of all sorts of magical things: “candied orange peels, flying saucer sweeties and a hint of maple syrup,” says Wired U.K. You could try the Unicorn Fizz (mix with Prosecco) or a Tears Collins (gin + lemon juice + ice with a soda float). Or you could take our suggestions for some alternate mythical cocktails, below:

The Unicorn Blood: Blood-orange juice + Unicorn Tears. (sub: Cranberry juice or anything blood-colored.)

The Paris Hilton: Maraschino juice  + Unicorn Tears + a Champagne float. (Pink and bubbly, just the way she’d want it.) 

The Lisa Frank: Malibu + Unicorn Tears + a dash of Mountain Dew. (Bright, sweet, and for the young.)

The My Little Pony: A shot of Unicorn Tears with a blue curaçao floater. (Small and brightly colored.)

The Pegacorn: Unicorn Tears + Red Bull. (It gives you wings.)

The Last Unicorn: Unicorn Tears + Jägermeister + Coke. (Dark, just like the movie.)

And last but not least, the Never-Ending Story — like a Long Island Iced Tea but with Unicorn Tears gin instead of well gin. So named for the length of the hangover you’ll get from drinking any of these.

What Cocktails Can You Make With Unicorn Tears?