What the Cut Editors Wear to Fashion Week

Photo: Ben Ritter

Dressing for Fashion Week means different things for different people. In the case of the street-stylers, it’s beg, borrow, and steal (a.k.a. call your fancy designer friends and have them lend you next season’s best). For the Cut, it’s more about assembling a series of looks that can withstand long days, late nights, and subway rides, as we work to bring you breaking news and funny scenes from the front row.

We try to dress with style in mind while remaining ready to hop on a Citi Bike if the need arises. (After all, you never know when Bieber will show up somewhere to play ping-pong, or Alexander Wang will arrive at his own party dressed like a flying nun.)

Inevitably, a pattern arises: On Day One, we’re energetic and excited to see the new clothes, so we get all dressed up. By Day Three, we’ve got a nasty set of blisters and must default to sneakers or flat sandals. Somewhere around Day Five, we hate everything we own and make a panic purchase that feels great in the moment but we will later regret. By Day Seven, we’re practically wearing bathrobes and pool slides, and can only rally for Marc Jacobs’s end-of-the-week show.

The slideshow below is more about Day One than Day Seven. Click through to find out what we’ll be wearing before Fashion Week flu overtakes us all.

Photographer: Ben Ritter. Photographer’s Assistant: Natalia Mantini. Hair by Aaron Grenia and Yanni Boyiatzis/IGK. Makeup: Dana Rae Ashburn.

What the Cut Editors Wear to Fashion Week