Where’s the ‘Real’ You — in Your Head or Your Heart?

A question for the kids playing along at home: Where is your true “self” located— in your head? Or your heart? The way you answer sheds light on some seemingly unrelated aspects of your life, including your political beliefs and the charities you’re more likely to support, according to many years of scientific research on the subject of “head people” and “heart people.” Watch the latest episode of the Science of Us animated video series to find out more about what this surprisingly revealing question says about you — and how you can use it to get a good idea of a new friend’s personality, too.

You can also check out previous episodes in the series —  like this one on the weird way your feet can help you fall asleep — and be sure to come back next week for a brand-new animation. We’re pretty sure it’s what your head and your heart would want. 

Where’s the ‘Real’ You — in Your Head or Heart?