New ‘Yelp for People’ Will Let You Rate Everyone You Know

Photo: Eugenio Marongiu/Getty Images

Okay, we’ll admit it: The concept behind Peeple sounds mildly horrifying. Billed as a new “Yelp for people,” the app lets you review and assign a number rating to every person you know. It’s kind of like 2000s teen fave Hot or Not, but not just for your looks; people from your personal, professional, and romantic life can rate you as a person, or perhaps more accurately, a person-shaped object.

The app does come with some baseline rules to prevent Peeple from becoming the next frontier for rampant teen cyberbullying. For example: Negative reviews sit in a queue for 48 hours to give users time to contest them; sexism, profanity, and mentioning private health conditions are banned; and you have to be logged into your real Facebook profile in order to rate a person. We’re sure the teens will find a quick workaround, though.

Peeple hasn’t even launched yet (it’s slated for late November), so there’s no need to panic. Plus, it’ll likely be used about as much as Lulu is. Remember Lulu? Yeah, me neither.


‘Yelp for People’ Will Let You Rate Everyone