Anna Wintour Did Not Break Her Streak of Never Wearing Hoodies

Anna Wintour and a hoodie.
Anna Wintour and a hoodie. Photo:

Everyone knows that when you sit on a panel in Silicon Valley, you’re borderline required to be wearing  a hoodie — preferably with a gray T-shirt under it, Zuck-style. But Anna Wintour broke with techie tradition today while sitting for a Q&A with Eva Chen at Instagram’s HQ. When she handed the Condé Nast artistic director a branded sweatshirt, Chen reported on her Instagram, “She demurred (’I’ve never worn a hoodie before!’) and neatly folded it up.” 

It’s not Wintour’s first time declining a hoodie — at last year’s U.S. Open, she held a Nike zip-up on her lap, apparently never putting it on — but now that she’s felt the garment’s wonderful plushness, perhaps she’ll be moved to join the athleisure mob and throw one on?

Anna Wintour Did Not Deign to Don a Hoodie