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Bieber’s Dad Being Super-Creepy About Son’s Penis

Justin Bieber, a son.
Justin Bieber, a son.

Often a parent will look at photos of their grown-up child, remember them as a baby, get a little misty-eyed, and think, I’m so proud of you, child, for the adult you have become.

In much the same spirit, Jeremy Bieber looked upon photos of his baby boy frolicking in Bora Bora, grown-man dick out, with a weird mix of pride and affection and then shared those feelings in a very public forum:


At least he didn’t include an “Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree (winky-face emoji)” comment. At least there’s that.

#proud daddy Photo: Stephen Fernandez / Splash News
Bieber Dad, Super-Creepy About Those Dick Pics