Feline Cell Phones: The Only Acceptable Form of Catcalling

Photo: sudo takeshi/13/Corbis

Recent years have brought several feline inventions aimed at improving the lives of cats, but they’ve also helped to make humans’ lives better. Robot litter boxes mean you spend less time scooping poop; wine for cats guarantees you’ll never drink alone again. Now a new product can help you fight against catcalling by returning it to its true meaning: talking to your cat on the telephone.

The French company Weenect has invented a cell-phone device that attaches to your cat’s collar and allows you to track her via GPS, so you always know exactly how far she’s wandered from your spot on the couch. The tracker also includes a microphone and speakers, so you can talk to your cat and your cat can meow right back (or, more likely, completely ignore you).

How much longer until we get a cat hoverboard?

Cat Phones: The Only Acceptable Way to Catcall