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All the Ceilings Women Keep Hitting Their Heads On

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If a woman faces sexism in a male-dominated industry but the media doesn’t coin a cutesy nickname for her very real struggle, does it even make a sound? Here, a comprehensive list of all the ceilings women can’t stop hittin’ their heads on.

- The glass ceiling: Women in the corporate world.

- The stained-glass ceiling: Female Catholic priests.

- The grass ceiling: Women in soccer.

- The grass ceiling (again): Women in the pot industry.

- The wineglass ceiling: Women winemakers.

- The brass ceiling: Women in the military.

- The paper ceiling: The struggle to put a woman on the new $10 bill.

- The paper ceiling (again): Women underrepresented in media.

- The veiled ceiling: Saudi women in STEM fields.

The diamond ceiling: Women CEOs.

- The silicon ceiling: Women in tech.

- The sex ceiling: Female artists in Thailand.

- Statehouse ceiling: Women in local Vermont politics.

- The comedy ceiling: Women in comedy.

- The ivory ceiling: Women in academia.

- The polycarbonate ceiling: Women in science.

- The grease ceiling: Women in mechanics.

- The steel ceiling: Women in the IDF.

- The drinking-glass ceiling: Women drinkers.

- The celluloid ceiling: Women in TV and film.

- The iron ceiling: Women in Latin America.

- The metal ceiling: Women welders.

- The confidence ceiling: Women with insecurities.

- The rock ceiling: Women in mining.

- The geek ceiling: Women who like “geeky” things.

- The pint-glass ceiling: Women brewmasters.

- The bamboo ceiling: Asian-American women.

- The green ceiling: Women in environmental conservation.

Wait, now there’s a broken window we can injure ourselves on? UGH.

The Ceilings Women Keep Hitting Their Heads On