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Treat Yourself Friday: A Cool, Cozy Skirt for Winter

Every Friday at the Cut, we’re highlighting one great purchase, for which it’s absolutely worth eating ramen noodles for the rest of eternity. If you’re looking for cheap thrills instead, check back every Monday for a fun pick-me-up that will still leave you enough cash for dinner.

Getting out of bed when it’s really cold outside and your landlord has yet to turn on the heat sucks. But if you have a warm and cozy sweater, you can almost pretend like your top half is still snuggled up in a cocoon of blankets. Why not extend that logic to your legs? This fluid Stella McCartney skirt mixes wool and silk and feels like the best hug ever around your lower extremities. The shape is weird enough that it’ll look more special than your standard pencil or A-line style. Priced at over a grand, it’s definitely luxe, but this skirt will continually last through even the most brutal winters to come. (To maximize heat retention, don’t forget the thermal tights.)

Stella McCartney Ribbed Wool and Silk-blend Midi Skirt, $1,220 at Net-A-Porter

A Cozy Stella McCartney Skirt