Disguise Your Next Interrogation As a Slumber Party

There are two things that happen at every slumber party, according to last night’s episode of Scream Queens: “Someone experiments with lesbianism and secrets are revealed.”

In order to ferret out the killer, new Kappa co-president Zayday relies on these tenets of all-girl sleepovers. She instructs everyone to put on their silky-PJ finest for a night full of wine coolers, Spin the Bottle, and, of course, Truth or Dare in order to trick someone into giving up their homicidal tendencies. 

So, was it successful? Chanel No. 3 tapped into her sapphic longings, so yes, for her. But the Red Devil’s identity is still a mystery (as is the medical explanation for Chanel No. 2’s vaginal teeth). At the episode’s close, two more people were added to the body count (R.I.P., Predatory Lez Sam, your non-ironic fedora will be missed). But at least they got to have a standard-issue slumber-party dance sequence.

Disguise Your Next Interrogation As a Sleepover