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The Trick to Getting the Perfect Cat Eye

How to get the perfect cat-eye.
How to get the perfect cat-eye.

If you’ve always wanted perfect cat-eye eyeliner, this GIF tutorial is for you. Makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski has a few tricks for getting cat eye that isn’t wobbly, crooked, or uneven, and her technique is so good that she even demonstrated the moves on herself. Her first tip is to start with the eye that you consider to be more “difficult.” It’ll be easier to replicate on your “good” eye, she tells me. See below for her favorite liquid eyeliner and other easy tips.

Dot it on.

Step One: Komarovski likes Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which she praises for being a shade that is “truly black.” After deciding which eye is your “bad” eye, draw a dot on the outside corner indicating how high you want your cat-eye slant to extend. If you aren’t sure, trace the curve of your bottom lash line and extend up and out.

Line it.

Step Two: Use that dot as a marker and draw a straight line connecting the dot to your lash line. To make it easier to draw in a straight line, gently pull the skin next to your eye taut.

Add a second line.

Step Three: Draw another line below the original and start to connect it to the lower lash line.

Look for the triangle.

Step Four: Fill in the triangle of space between your top lash line and your lower line to create the cat-eye flick.

Clean it up.

Step Five: The secret to super-sharp cat-eye edges is not a steady hand — it’s not being afraid to clean things up. Take a Q-tip and dip it into makeup remover, like the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water, and pull it along the bottom of the line to make a super-clean edge. Komarovski favors an angled Q-tip, like these Slanted Precision Q-Tips, to get an extra-sharp edge.

Clean it up some more.

Step Six: You can also use the Q-tip along the top to clean up that line.

Cat eye perfection.

Step Seven: Cat-eye perfection.

The Trick to Getting the Perfect Cat Eye