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Finally, Drake Will Brush Your Lips

Kisses! Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Gone are the days of looking at a Drake #swollstagram and wishing that those luscious lips would someday be near to yours, a gentle daydream of a loving embrace. In Tom Ford’s second annual Lips & Boys release, a lipstick allegedly named for Drake will be available to the masses, making the newly respectable dancer basically as close to becoming your boyfriend as he’s ever been.

The lipstick is a deep burgundy shade and, according to a representative from Tom Ford Beauty public relations, “Drake did write a song called Tuscan Leather so there is a connection.” A total of 50 Lips & Boys will be released, with 25 of the previous year’s shades and 25 new ones, including the one named for the rapper and others like Ansel, Joaquin, and Rocco. Drake can be on your lips for $32 and the whole collection drops Black Friday on the Tom Ford website. Get ready to pout hard.

Finally, Drake Will Brush Your Lips