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The Game Is a Sensual, Seductive Instagram Poet

Photo: Universal Images Group/Hulton Fi/Getty Images

The Game posted a highly impressive thirst trap last night.

If your attention was focused elsewhere, I don’t blame you, but I do feel bad for you because the real magic of the Game’s #eggplantfriday tribute shot: the pure erotic poetry that he wrote as the accompanying comment. Perhaps inspired by his own body, or perhaps fantasizing about the reaction of the thousands who would would lay their eyes upon this shot, the Game let his hashtag poetry gush forth with such might, it could cause you to weep. Call it “An Erotic Poem, on the Eve of Posting a Dick Pic to Instagram,” by the Game.

Thank you, the Game, for this guide to self-pleasure, this ode to exquisitely painful sexual longing the likes of which Marquis de Sade could never imagine.

The Game Is a Sensual, Seductive Instagram Poet