Kendall Jenner Defeats Her Enemies With Mediocre Dance Moves in New Balmain x H&M Video

Balmain high-ponytail army.
Balmain high-ponytail army.

The highly anticipated Balmain x H&M collection is almost here, and to whip Balmain Nation into a further frenzy the brand released a preview video today starring Kendall Jenner.

The video exists in a not-so-distant future where everyone is tall and skinny with high ponytails and defeats their enemies by unleashing a series of devastating dance moves (in the case of the dancers in the video) and vaguely embarrassing voguelike maneuvers (in the case of Kendall). Let’s hope Kenny doesn’t have to do a spot on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon.

Kendall Jenner Kills Foes With Bad Dance Moves