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Let Sorority Girls Instagram Themselves in Peace

Sorority girls taking selfies
Sorority girls taking selfies Photo: digg.com

Baseball is, as everyone knows, America’s pastime. Or so it was for 100 years, until the front-facing-camera-loaded iPhone came along. Now what used to be a mildly interesting diversion from the mundane responsibilities of everyday life has been sidelined in favor of a little navel-gazing. And some baseball announcers are not too happy about this news.

During a Diamondbacks game on Wednesday evening, a group of sorority girls munched on churros and took selfies together as a way of saying “we are young, we are hot, and we can do whatever we want.” Two baseball announcers who were watching them were not too pleased with this performance, laughing at how many selfies they were taking. “I can’t even get my phone to take pictures,” one announcer says. Oh, really?

“The beauty of baseball is that you can sit next to your neighbor and have a conversation. Or you could just completely ignore them,” another announcer says. Hey, guys, relax. It’s a baseball game. Not these sorority girls’ faults if they’re bored.

Let Sorority Girls Instagram Themselves in Peace