Men Congratulate Sexy Woman for Also Having a Personality

Emilia Clarke.
Emilia Clarke. Photo: Vincent Peters/Esquire

Don’t worry, Emilia Clarke. Even though you aren’t 42 years old, Esquire still considers you a total hottie. And so they have crowned you their Sexiest Woman Alive (this year).

Tell us, Esquire men, authority on all that is considered modern and sexy: How did Clarke earn this honor? Was it her ability to train dragons? Her wide array of GOT GOTs? No, says the accompanying ode, it’s for having a multifaceted personality. For being “friendly and fierce,” “sweet and tough,” and a “dominatrix and pal.” For surprising us all by being a human with thoughts and emotions instead of just boobs with hair on legs, Emilia Clarke, it has been decreed: You sexy.

Men Applaud Sexy Woman for Having a Personality