Men Appreciate the Majesty of Nature by Putting Their Balls on It

Photo: ShotShare

Some men have looked at the majesty of nature — a snow-capped mountain, a still lake, a towering redwood tree — and felt inspired to write books (John Muir), paint landscapes (Bob Ross), or even just compose a great tweet.

Other men see a beautiful landscape and think, Hot damn, the only thing that would make this better is my balls, drop their pants, and then Instagram their genitals in the frame of what would otherwise be a lovely vacation photo. It’s called nutscaping. It will haunt you.

Nutscaping is pretty simple — it is the act of photographing a testicle in front of a landscape — and you can visit the website Nutscapes to see the handiwork for yourself. There’s a single ball cresting the summit of Mt. Shasta, some dude’s pubes glinting in the winter sunlight over clear, blue Glacier Lake. There’s the Grand Canyon with someone’s sack dangling over the rim.

Does this inspire my next vacation? Yes, it does: I now plan on traveling someplace where men are not.

Men Appreciate Nature With Help From Their Balls