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Sports Illustrated’s First ‘Plus-Size’ Model Calls Her Stretch Marks ‘Badass’


Robyn Lawley, who made history as the first “plus-size” model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated, is creating another body-positive movement: reclaiming the phrase “stretch marks.” The new mom Instagrammed a photo of her post-baby stomach with the hashtag #TigerStripes and a link to an explanation on Facebook, where she calls the marks “bad ass” and “earned.”

She says:

As for my stretch marks I knew they were coming and as they’re fading into white (like all my others) I thought I might capture them. Because they are some bad ass ‪#‎tigerstripes‬. And I earned them. 

We put an unbelievable amount of ridiculous time consuming pressure on women to care so much about their flaws they forget how truly beautiful they (you) are today.

F**k them, who cares, be you, be loud, be proud. And put your efforts into skills that rely more on your physical self.

And to anyone who feels bad about your body especially after a baby, you are a warrior, you created a life inside of you, that’s no easy feat. 

Here’s to more real looks at actual post-baby bodies. And we’re all ears for when someone wants to reclaim the word cellulite.

They’re Badass Tiger Stripes, Not Stretch Marks