Sarah Silverman on Twitter, Depression, and the 2016 Ticket

Sarah Silverman.
Sarah Silverman. Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images

For her latest film, I Smile Back, Sarah Silverman takes a distinct turn from her usual raunchy persona, playing a bipolar woman struggling to cope with mental illness. Silverman recently wrote for Glamour about her own relationship with depression, describing herself as “the Sylvia Plath of social media” when she’s feeling low. So at the movie’s premiere last night, we sought her out to ask whether she thinks Twitter has changed how we deal with depression.

“I’m sure there are good and bad things about it. But I do think that any form of expression can be positive for someone feeling very alone,” Silverman explained. “Even if it’s a message in a bottle, and sometimes that is how I think of Twitter. If you can just float a Morrissey lyric out there and it makes you feel better, so be it. I think any kind of expression is probably good.”

From depression we hopped to a topic that was a little sunnier, namely the first Democratic debate, which happened to coincide with the premiere. “I can’t believe I’m missing it!” Silverman exclaimed. “It’s killing me! I’m dying to see what Hillary has to say. I can’t wait to see what Bernie has to say!” Though she’s a loyal Sanders supporter who has been trumpeted by the campaign as a donor and recently introduced him at an L.A. event, Silverman still had kind words for Clinton. “I love Hillary. I love her stance on women’s issues and everything, obviously,” she noted. “I think there really isn’t a bad choice, of the Democrats.”

Sarah Silverman on Depression and Twitter