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Scream Queens Took a Women’s Studies Class This Semester

The most-satisfying deaths on Scream Queens thus far have obviously been the dismemberment and de-limbing of the sexist, racist frat boys that frolic on this fictional college campus — was there ever a moment so sweet as watching the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity get their arms chainsawed off to a Backstreet Boys soundtrack?

This week, Chanel No. 1 is fed up with the dadbod double standard. Here she is literally eating sauce-dipped cotton balls to maintain a fuckworthy figure while her chubby fratdouche boyfriend, Chad, can eat food, plow whomever he wants, and refuse to commit to her. She’s had enough. She took a women’s studies class. She knows this is wrong.

So in a surreal, yet slightly retrograde, moment of addressing toxic campus frat culture, the Chanels, after getting catcalled by a few Dickies, realize they don’t have to be the sexual playthings of their frat brethren and deliver a hard ball-kick to the fratriarchy, which then turns into just full-on assault with cafeteria trays. Beautiful.

Is there a chance Scream Queens has been a sorority-girl feminist revenge fantasy this whole time? Let’s hope.

Scream Queens Took a Women’s Studies Class