See the Best of Street Style Featuring Raf Simons’s Designs at Dior


While certain brands like Moschino, Céline, and Louis Vuitton are guaranteed street-style bait, Raf Simons’s work at Dior was more of a sleeper hit. He built up momentum slowly — earlier seasons only warranted a photo or two — but it’s been an explosion in the past year. Back in 2013, you had Ulyana Sergeenko, who decided to combine a fall 2012 dress with a spring 2013 couture bonnet in an overly dramatic way that only she could pull off. The other Russians followed suit, like Miroslava Duma, who wore a resort 2014 dress, and Nasiba Adilova, who casually added a T-shirt to a fall 2013 skirt.

And then came the spring 2014 couture show, where Simons decided to create a fashion-people-friendly luxury sneaker. Since sneakers were the biggest street-style trend at the time, suddenly it felt like everyone was wearing Dior. Fast-forward to the present and you can instantly tell which day is the Dior show, simply based on the sheer number of Golden Peacocks wearing the brand.

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See the Best of Street Style Featuring Dior