Portraits of Privilege: A Teen Demands Mac ’n’ Cheese

A privileged plea for mac 'n' cheese.
A privileged plea for mac ‘n’ cheese.

One University of Connecticut undergrad recently learned the hard way that college is not the macaroni-and-cheese utopia his forefathers had promised him. When 18-year-old Luke Gatti stumbled into one of the school’s dining halls and drunkenly demanded they whip him up some “fucking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese,” he was so angry to find the workers did not jump up and immediately cater to his whims that he began cursing at and pushing the manager.

Things escalated from there, and eventually ended with Gatti pinned to the floor and being cuffed by campus security. “I was just trying to get fucking food,” he moans. “You don’t do it by assaulting people!” shoots back one of the employees.

Let this be an important lesson for the ever-entitled Gatti, who has apparently been arrested on similar charges before: The mac-’n’-cheese gods do not reward spoiled douchebags.

This has been Portraits of Privilege.

Teen Drunkenly Demands Mac ’n’ Cheese