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This IUD Ad Is Actually About Staten Island

Coming to a subway near you.
Coming to a subway near you.

Subway ads have already promoted HIV testing and condoms; now, a new campaign encourages New York City women to consider the IUD. Six in ten pregnancies in the city are unintended, one official told NPR, and the goal of the campaign is to alert women that they can get this long-acting reversible contraceptive at low or no cost.

There are several ads, but one in particular underscores a big pro of an IUD versus, say, the pill: You’ll never leave your birth control in your other purse. “You spent the night in Brooklyn,” it reads. “But you left your birth control in Staten Island. Maybe the IUD is right for you.”

Below, the Cut discusses.

Molly Fischer, Senior Editor: The subway: as good a place as any to think about your uterus.

Emily Shornick, Photo Editor: I like the hashtag: #maybetheiud. MAYBE.

Izzy Grinspan, Senior Editor: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Leah Rodriguez, Producer: Wait, is Staten Island officially the new place to live?

Stella Bugbee, Editorial Director: I love that this turned into a real estate conversation.

Jessica Roy, Writer: Even your birth control doesn’t want to take the ferry.

Emily: I saw this interactive subway map where you could click on all the stations you’ve visited and it won’t even let you click on anything in Staten Island.                  

Diana Tsui, Senior Market Editor: Yo, the ferry doesn’t run after a certain hour. I mean, sometimes you have to spend the night where you can.  


Dayna Evans, Writer: The promiscuity of women from Staten Island. Sluts, all.

Molly: “Slut Island,” they called it in the old days. Take the ferry over to Slut Island.

Jessica: Like Alcatraz but for sluts.

Susan Rinkunas, Health Writer: Yeah, like, why not, “Left your birth control in Manhattan.”

Diana: Because Staten Island is our Florida.

Stella: So, like where Girls Go Wild?

Molly: It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your birth control is? IT COULD BE ON STATEN ISLAND.

This IUD Ad Is Actually About Staten Island