‘Truly Ugly Guy With Glasses’ Is Europe’s Most Virile Man

Photo: Mike Watson/Getty Images

Imagine what a man who earned the moniker “Europe’s most virile” might look like. He is probably kind of muscley, maybe the distant ancestor of a capable Viking, with a salt-and-pepper beard that accentuates his gruff handsomeness. This vision, however, is staggeringly incorrect, because life is nothing if not full of surprises. Europe’s “most virile man” is actually a self-described “truly ugly guy with glasses” who lives with his mom.

Forty-six-year-old Ed Houben lives in the Netherlands and is known around town as “the Babymaker,” because he has fathered at least 106 children (that he knows about). Unlike most sperm donors, he does this the natural way, by having sex with women who would like to get pregnant, often times while their husbands watch. It’s all very modern, and also a great gig for Houben, who was barely having sex at all before stumbling into this line of work in his 30s.

It’s so nice when Vince Vaughn movies can become real.

‘Truly Ugly Guy’ Is Europe’s Most Virile Man