Who Among Us Would Have Sex With a Trump Sex Doll?

Trump in plastic.
Trump in plastic. Photo: Saint Hoax

As the months until the election clop steadily on, there seem to be very few remaining ways to inspire revulsion in the American people. Donald Trump has rendered it near impossible to be shocked and the political landscape has begun to resemble something of a suit-and-tie circus. And yet, today we have been forced to think about the possibility of someone getting it on with a Donald Trump sex doll. The horror.

Candidate sex dolls are not a new thing — Obama and Clinton versions have been around for a bit — but this is Donald “blood coming out of wherever” Trump. What unholy creature would take this man’s sex doll to bed?

While it’s challenging to think of one person on God’s green earth who would find having sex with Donald Trump — real or plastic — enjoyable, there is actually an upside to all this. The dolls were designed by Syrian pop artist Saint Hoax in response to the orange one’s comments about Syrian refugees, and all proceeds from purchasing them go to the U.N. Refugee Agency. If you want to stick it to Trump but not (cringe) actually bone him, each Donald comes with a needle to deflate the doll, if not his ego. Just hope that no one has access to your credit-card order history.

Who Among Us Would Have Sex With a Trump Doll?