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Trump Says Wearing a Burka Is Easier Because You Get to Skip Putting on Makeup

Trump. Photo: Michele Eve Sandberg/Corbis

Blustering wig Donald Trump continues his cross-country tour of saying dumb and incendiary things with this lovely gem: If you’re a woman, it’s actually easier to wear a burka, because then you don’t have to put on makeup.

At a rally in New Hampshire on Monday, Trump argued that the U.S. should stop trying to export “freedom” to Middle Eastern countries. For example, he said, some Muslim women want to wear the veil (true) and that’s easier anyway because then they don’t have to worry about makeup (not true).

“They want to [wear the veil]!” Trump said. “Fact is, it’s easier. You don’t have to put on makeup. Look how beautiful everyone looks. Wouldn’t it be easier? Right? Wouldn’t that be easy?”

“I tell ya, if I was a woman, I don’t want to,” he added. “I’d be like, bwah, ‘I’m ready, darling, let’s go.’ It’s true!”

How will poor Ivanka account for this one?

Trump: Women Like Burkas Because No Makeup