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‘Weed Dick’ Is the New Way for Men to Sexually Disappoint You

Photo: Diverse Images/UIG/Getty Images

Federal legalization of marijuana could spark important medical innovations, end the war on drugs, and be a major boon to the economy, but it does have some downsides: “weed dick,” for instance.

“Weed dick” occurs when a man experiences erectile dysfunction due to smoking too much pot. But boner-stealing isn’t the only effect weed might have on men’s performance in bed, according to Cosmo:

Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D. says that while some recent studies have found that marijuana can make a guy last longer in bed, that guy’s perception of time might simply be different when he’s high, leading him to think he’s lasting longer, but he’s really not. 

So basically, stoned dicks are fucking fissures into the space-time continuum? Whoa.

Weed Dick: The New Way for Men to Disappoint You