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You Thought the Wheelchair Kitten Had Accepted His Wheelchair Fate?

No way
No way

Barely a month ago, we were treated to the cuteness that was the miracle wheelchair kitten, a little feral cat named Cassidy who had been born without back legs and had been rescued by TinyKittens, a nonprofit aimed at rescuing feral and abandoned cats. Cassidy went through an exciting robotic change when a tiny wheelchair was added to his back legs, and he appeared to be ready to move about. Well, it’s only a few weeks later, and this little guy has abandoned his wheelchair altogether and is moving about on his own. Which is even cuter. 

This is why we call Cassidy our #MiracleKitten. <3His rescue story:

Posted by Tinykittens on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now look at this guy! What a tiny furry hero.

Wheelchair Kitten Is No Longer Wheelchair-Bound