You Get to Decide Which Woman Goes on the New $10 Bill

She'd look just as good on a $10 bill.
She’d look just as good on a $10 bill.

We already know who celebrities and GOP candidates want to see featured on the soon-to-be revamped $10 bill — but the U.S Treasury was perhaps even less impressed with their suggestions than we were. (Sorry, Janet Huckabee.) Now they are asking — nay, begging — the general public to do their civic duty and submit their suggestions.

In a video released today, Cabinet rock stars including John Kerry and Attorney General Loretta Lynch encourage you to rock the vote by either submitting ideas via the U.S. Department of Treasury’s surprisingly vibrant website, or by tagging #TheNew10 on various social-media platforms.

Before we start flooding the proverbial ballot boxes, just making sure we’re all in agreement here: Beyoncé for #TheNew10, right?

You Get to Decide Who Goes on the New $10 Bill