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The Rihanna Sneaker That’s Selling Out Everywhere

Photo: Achim K. Roesch

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Chances are you’ve already seen plenty of people Instagramming Rihanna’s debut Puma sneaker collection, dubbed FENTY. It’s been worn by practically every celebrity, and, yes, it lives up to the hype. The combination of a classic suede upper and a thick creeper sole makes for a trendy and comfortable sneaker that gives you some height without the pain of heels. And the colorways feel like fun ‘90s throwbacks. If you want to try to look like RiRi, pair them with a slip dress and oversize fur coat, but they’re still cool with just jeans and a sweater. 

PUMA by Rihanna Women’s Creeper, $120 at Opening Ceremony

Cheap Thrill: An Edgy Puma Sneaker From Rihanna