Here Are Some Tips for Cool-Dad Barack Obama on How to Use His Facebook Page

Be cool, dad
Be cool, dad

A year before President Barack Obama shrinks from the public eye and we totally forget he exists, the 44th president of America would like to take this opportunity to guarantee he stays on your radar. Hey, we may be going off to college but it can’t hurt to call dad every once in a while! Remember when things were better and more fun? Remember me — old dad?

In service of that goal, Obama made the big move of creating an official POTUS Facebook page on Monday, describing it as a “place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country.”

Okay, buddy. We know that Barry is just getting a head start on keeping up with teen daughter Malia when she sets off for college. What does the prez need to know in order to seem like a cool guy staying hip with the young cats and not just another dad on Facebook? We’ve got some tips.

Never, ever “like” or comment on Sasha’s or Malia’s Facebook profile pictures.

For that matter, stay away from all of their photos. Admire and be proud of your daughters from afar.

I know it’s in your nature to want to have spirited and rational debate about the issues facing our country, but please remember that Facebook is a place for the opposite of that. Want to share a sensitive story on the need for gun control in America? Get ready to be spammed. And do not respond to the comments. You’ll always regret it.

Don’t overshare. No one is that interested in the fact that you and Michelle had a great brunch this morning. We get it! We all love brunch! Seriously. Eggs Benedict? My man, that’s the stuff. But no pictures, please.

Keep your meme-sharing to a once-a-week limit, unless it’s an exceptionally tight meme and it must be shared.

Most important, just have fun. Facebook is the garbage dump of all the social media apps. If it’s freaking you out, you’re thinking about it too much! Be yourself and make sure to update your password frequently. Wouldn’t want to get hacked.

Some Tips for Cool-Dad Obama’s New Facebook Page