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Goths Rejoice: A New, Blacker Shade of Black Is Nigh

If the goth lifestyle is, as Perfume Genius put it, “80 percent lint rolling,” get ready to roll a little harder. A new line called Viperblack is attempting to make the blackest shade of black possible, inspired by the Gaboon Viper, an ultrablack breed of snake whose hue acts as a defense against prey. The genesis of the idea began when Phoebe Heess, a designer who also works for for Adidas’s Stella McCartney line, saw the popular meme that says, “I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Invent a Darker Color.” Jokes her creative partner Gabriel Platt in a video accompanying the project, “… So we did.”

The two worked to find a fabric that reflects 40 percent less light than your average black fabric. If they reach their Kickstarter goal, they’ll produce it in a T-shirt. But their commitment to the frontiers of darkness doesn’t end there. The founders promise, “If possible, we will continue to work on making the fabric even blacker.”

Goths Rejoice: A Blacker Shade of Black Is Nigh