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Store Your Baby in a Cardboard Box for Maximum Efficiency

Cat or baby?
Cat or baby? Photo: www.finnishbabybox.co

Parents desperate for a better way to store their baby need look no further than Finland, where babies have been successfully stowed in cardboard boxes since 1938. The practice is efficient, cheap, and — bonus! — since the government started giving away the boxes, the infant mortality rate has plummeted.

Finland’s baby boxes come packed with necessities like diapers, towels, bibs, and pajamas, and conveniently morph into cardboard beds, which Finnish babies apparently love to sleep in. (Aha! Further proof that babies are just cats that whine.)

Of course, after three or four months you’ll have to give your baby an actual crib.

“Our rule of thumb would be that it’s time to move on from the box when the baby drums to the walls of the box so that parents are not able to sleep anymore,” Finnish dad Heikki Tiittanen told the Washington Post.

A friendly tap-tap to let mom and dad know you’ve outgrown your cardboard prison? Finnish babies are so polite!

Cardboard-Box Beds for Babies Are a Privilege