Here Are Some Celebrities Pretending to Enjoy Exercise

Yeah, right Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Celebrities must do a lot every day to look the way they look and stay as smooth as they are smooth. Some celebrities claim that they work out two, three, even four times a day! They claim to have found their calling in CrossFit or “Pilates” or paddleboarding or “pounding ol‘ Bertha,” as The Rock is known to call his disgusting elliptical machine.

Celebrities act like exercise is as great as inheriting a daily bag of gold dust or receiving a lifetime membership to Medieval Times. But we normals know that no matter who you are — Beyoncé or Pauly Shore, Rihanna or your least favorite intern — exercising is very rarely fun, let alone inspiring enough to bring a smile to your face.

Kanye expressed it best when, following an afternoon ziplining with his beloved Kim, he sat and stared into the distance with a grim look that only a person who had just previously exerted himself could muster. Exercise sucks, celebrities. So why you lyin’?

Celebrities Pretending to Enjoy Exercise