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Stressed? Here, Zip a Chill-Inducing Pink Hoodie Over Your Face

Namaste Photo: Andy Lo Po/Vollebak

Panic is more or less my base point, and casual sweats more or less my go-to fashion item, so the “tranquility-inducing hoodie” by Vollebak is a product to which I’d like to bequeath my life’s possessions once I die. The Baker Miller Hoodie is intended to aid endurance athletes prior to their big races and competitions. But with a little gumption, one can easily adapt this item of clothing to suit other purposes. Imagine the possibilities.

According to the London-based company, the hoodie works by “fusing color theory and physiology” to “enhance your parasympathetic nervous system’s ability to help you rest and recover before and after sport.” This could also be helpful at awful parties, meeting your girlfriend’s parents, or emerging from a tightly packed subway car. The hoodie “floods your entire field of vision with pink to reduce your heart rate” and it will play a soundtrack “composed from elements of pink noise to regulate your brainwaves.” I’m feeling relaxed already.

The design of the hoodie was influenced by Alexander Schauss, a researcher who was interested in the way color affected our moods. Schauss discovered in the late 1970s that after intense exercise, staring at a specific shade of pink caused his heart rate to lower. Later studies also found that the shade of pink was also an appetite suppressant.

The Vollebak hoodie will set you back an unkind £220, but can you really put a price on chill?

Me Photo: Andy Lo Po/Vollebak
Stressed? Here, Zip on a Chill-Inducing Hoodie