Adele, Current Queen of Planet Earth, Gets the Attenborough Nature-Documentary Treatment


Listening to David Attenborough, famed for narrating BBC documentaries on the flora and fauna of our great planet, is both soothing to the ears and informative to the brain: The man could describe Josh Hartnett eating a bowl of chicken-noodle soup and you’d come away soothed yet knowledgeable about the feeding habits of humans. You don’t think that he can add any narrative value to Adele’s “Hello” video? You must not know Sir David very well.

BBC Radio 1 had the brilliant idea of asking Attenborough to do his thing over Adele’s record-breaking video for “Hello.” At first, he frets that he might make Adele “cross” in adding his narration to the sepia-toned clip but host Greg James assures him there is no way that’s possible. “She, like all pop stars, needs to hunt to survive,” Attenborough reads as Adele approaches the old house in the country. “But there’s a problem. The signal is poor and she hasn’t upgraded her handset since 1999. Hashtag flip phone.” Adele in the wild as narrated by Sir David Attenborough and being called out for her antiquated technology — is there anything more delightful?


David Attenborough and Adele Together at Last