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Great News, Ladies: We’re Only 118 Years Away From Getting Equal Pay

“118 years???” Photo: Zero Creatives/Corbis

Exciting news from the World Economic Forum: Women are definitely going to get equal pay at some point in the distant future. Like, not in your lifetime or your daughter’s lifetime, but maybe around when your granddaughter retires. Progress!

Our current pay lags ten years behind men’s — we’re getting paid now what men were getting paid in 2005 — and the Forum estimates it will take 118 years for women’s pay to catch up to men’s globally. That means we should finally be achieve pay parity by the year 2133.

With all the exciting advancements in cryogenic freezing these days, you’ll be getting paid fairly in no time! Feminism works.

Women Only Have to Wait Until 2133 for Equal Pay