Each Thing You Didn’t Know About Erykah Badu Is Better Than the Last

The more you know
The more you know Photo: UsWeekly

You may think you know everything about beloved singer-actress-activist Erykah Badu, but you’d be wrong. In fact, you’d be wrong 25 times, because in last week’s issue of Us Weekly she unleashed a series of secret facts about herself, each one more incredible than the last.

Among the things we the people did not know about the First Lady of Neo-Soul: how many headwraps she owns (726), her favorite body part (colon), and what she’d like to ask God (“what’s up with the periods I get once a month!”). She also said her favorite thing about Andre 3000 is that “his checks never bounce,” and then revealed that her grandmothers are living your dream life (“they’re both 88 and just sit and watch TV while people bring them food”).

Us Weekly, please consider rebranding to Erykah Badu Weekly. Thanks in advance.

Erykah Badu Has an Important Question for God