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Facebook Will Help Us Stop Stalking Our Exes

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Sometimes it feels like Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook just to enable stalking an ex after a breakup: It takes the computer skills of a toddler to figure out what your ex is doing, who they’re doing it with, if they’re doing it better than you, and of course, who they are actually doing.

Seven years after creating this problem, Facebook is taking pity on us and is beta-testing tools to “help people manage how they interact with their former partners on Facebook after a relationship has ended,” they announced in a blog post.

Starting today, the site is rolling out features that allow users to prune their news feed of any status updates, pictures, or videos of their ex-partners. Facebook will also give you the option to automatically untag all photos featuring your ex in one sweep, and allow you to hide your updates and photos from said ex. Facebook will prompt users to do this as soon as their status changes from In A Relationship to Single.

The best part: all this can be done without blocking or unfriending, so nobody will ever have to field a “Did you seriously just block me? WTF!?” text from an ex ever again.

Facebook Will Help Us Stop Stalking Our Exes