Men Simply Cannot Believe This Excellent Soccer Player Is Not a Man, But a Woman

Fooled ya.
Fooled ya.

Women: Can they really be as good as men at sports? This question for the ages was put to the test, once again, in a stunt put together by Spanish TV show El Hormiguero for an episode that aired this week. A men’s non-league soccer team in Madrid was given a rude awakening when a visiting male player who had done nothing but impress for an entire game turned out, shockingly, to be a woman. No way. The man … was a lady? Nuh-uh.

Brenda Perez is a professional soccer player who has played for top Spanish women’s teams Valencia, Atletico de Madrid, and Espanyol. At the behest of El Hormiguero, Perez underwent a transformation when joining the boys on the pitch. When it came time to take a penalty kick, she pulled off her wig, stripped her face of its prosthetics, and proved that women can best men in sports after all. The look on the men’s faces says it all.

Female Soccer Player Stupefies Less-Skilled Men