Men Love Glitter So Much They’re Putting It in Their Beards

Photo: The Gay Beards

A YouTube duo who call themselves the Gay Beards offer tutorials on all sorts of beard adornments — from flowers to tie-dye to glitter. That last one seems to have struck joy in the hearts of many menfolk; the trend has picked up on social media as dudes share their own personal arts-and-crafts projects.

The beards that started it all. Photo: The Gay Beards

Here’s one.

Photo: pagliacciphotography

Here’s another.

Photo: Sjhaighton Instagram

They seem to cause a big mess.

Photo: brandonxjames Instagram

But they’re also fun to look at.

Photo: isomhateseverything Instagram

Guys love this stuff.

Photo: shannawherry Instagram
Glitter Beards Are Now a Thing