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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

The clocks have officially been turned back and you won’t see the sun again for another six months. Come, use this list of eight good things to temporarily relieve your misery.

1. Canadian Prime Minister and attractive man Justin Trudeau made his new cabinet 50 percent women. Gender equality has never looked so hot.

2. Oprah released her Favorite Things list. And it is like drunk Sky Mall, but better.

3. A rescued bear cub got his own playground. And he could barely contain his excitement.

4. A baby with terminal leukemia was saved by an experimental drug treatment. The “designer immune cell” treatment has left Layla Richards cancer-free for several months, and if her cancer stays away, she could be the first person to be cured by a treatment previously only tested on lab mice.

5. The national unemployment rate officially fell to 5 percent. Guess the economy isn’t the “hellscape” some people say it is.

6. We met a rescued baby cow that thinks he’s a dog. Yeahhhhh, soon he’s gonna break that couch.

7. Adidas announced plans to offer design resources to schools that want to change their offensive mascots. The company will help schools whose mascots or logos use Native American imagery redesign and promote new ones.

8. These pets discovered the joy of a good swing-set. That first dog in sunglasses is all of us.

8 Truly Good Things That Happened This Week