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Avoid the South If You Don’t Want to Be a Bridesmaid

Photo: WeddingtonWay.com

Louisiana is a beautiful state with lovely people, delicious food, and a rich history, but I would not recommend living there unless you want to be forced to be a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding. Hey, it’s just math.

Priceonomics recently crunched the numbers to determine which states had the highest number of bridesmaids per wedding. Unsurprising for anyone who’s ever watched Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, the South dominates this trend. Brides in Charleston, South Carolina, for example, have five bridesmaids on average, while in Birmingham, Alabama, there’s a 26 percent chance the bridal party will have seven or more bridesmaids. Congrats, girls in Birmingham, for having seven friends.

If you want to avoid the stress of being a bridesmaid, it’s probably best to avoid the South altogether. Actually also the northeast. And California. Maybe just move to New Mexico?

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